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Our network consist out of game clients, the game server and a mysql database.

mmorpg free hosting network

Game Client
The client is an application that people use to play endless. The client have a lot of sound and graphic resources. The client only shows information that is send by the game server, so people can walk, chat and fight in one common world. The client software needs to connect to any game server to play the game...

Game Server
The server software runs in a silent background process that can run on any machine. It opens one connection to the database and a tcp/ip port to listen to any incomming client connections. It also process all the game data and sends the game information back to the clients that are connected. The game server only runs in system memory, permanent information will be stored in a mysql database...

MYSQL Database
MySQL is a software databases that you can download and install on any machine. The game server needs to make one connection to the database. You can install the mysql database on the same machine as the game server, however it can also run on any other machine (also somewhere else on the internet). You can download the software from

Other Tools
We also got map editors, script programs, remote server control program and several other tools that we use to develop endless. In the future we will have a php generator that allows people to run real time server information on their website (like online players, top10 players etc)

Endless Online (c) 2003 - a free online mmorpg , please do not use any parts of the game / website without our permission.

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