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News headlines
30 July 2011 - Low level quests update
New quests been added in the Aeven town area. The new quests will be covering a complete leveling path up to level 10, for the new players.

21 March 2011 - Character reset
Unfortunately the database table has been corrupted with duplicated records beyond repair. All character data have been reset to repair the game, sorry for the inconvenience.

26 November 2009 - Servers are back online
Both the main and test game servers are fully running again and have been down for approximately two days. Sorry for the inconvienence this might have caused you.

25 March 2009 - Server Migration
Ignore this announcement if you are using '' to connect. In all other cases the new server IP is :

15 February 2009 - Reboots
Some might have noticed a lot of reboots lately.. Dont worry there is nothing wrong, we have done some upgrades on the OS of the server, to keep things up to date.

19 May 2008 - Maintenance
The current server maintenance will take approx 4-8 hours. The new server Ip will be You do not have to change any settings if you are using to connect.

18 May 2008 - Server Move
We be moving the game server, test server and forum to new servers soon (monday-thusday) because of this there will be some downtime, and a change of IP, if you are using to connect to our server there should be no problems! More info to come soon.

8 December - Another year
And another year went by, although 2007 brought less updates then usual it had it's good points. Who knows what 2008 will bring to Endless Online! We want to thank all players for playing and supporting Endless Online.

Happy holidays

The EO team

21 August 2007 - Server maintainance
Today (21 august) the main game-server will be taken offline and re-wired on the network. The server will go offline at 1:00PM (GMT-8 pacific time) the downtime will not be longer then 5 minutes only.

18 August 2007 - V28 is here
It tooks a bit.. but its finally here, v28 the new version with more maps, items, monsters and quests to explore! You need the latest client to connect to get gameserver and you can download it on the Download page (click here)

6 May 2007 - Reminder
If you play numerous games online, including Endless Online, do not use the same passwords on them.

Also, it is suggested that you change your password right now, and keep doing this regularly, or, at the least, choose one that cannot be guessed by anyone, family members included. In order to change your password you have to login to the game, and press on the 'password' button' below your three characters. Also make sure you remember your new password.

This may very well save everyone a lot of trouble in the future, changing your password is strongly adviced.

23 March 2007 - Top100 Fixed
The top100 players and guilds have been fixed, there were some speed issues with our growing database which have been solved now. Also some new maps are added to the world, one of them is an abondoned warehouse, located under Aeven's Grocery shop.

19 February 2007 - Map updates / locker status
The previous locker patch didnt run very well, the database started causing problems and i we had to do a small rollback (16 hours) At this moment im still trying to figure out why it happened, so hopefully we can still upgrade locker space any time soon. Also because business is going well for the aeven bank, it has been expanded to two banks, hopefully the map will be less crowded from now on:) -vult

12 February 2007 - 27B notice
Now that the issues with the server are solved we have been working on a minor version. The new 27B client is good news for all item collectors, because it will make the locker capacity upgradable! Talk to the bank bob to buy more storage units (sold per 5). To get this new feature you have to download the latest client from this website (version 27b)

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